Delhi is a union territory it affects the education system of Delhi

Delhi is a union territory it affects the education system of Delhi

Delhi is a union territory it affects the education system of Delhi

The Education System in Delhi is taken care by the Aam Aadmi Party for last 4 years. They developed a good education system as the compared to the previous government because they reduce the fees in the Private Schools in Delhi, Started many schools, provide good furniture in the school, repair all damaged school which needed it more. This step is taken care of by the respective government after the report submitted by the chief secretary of Delhi on the education system. The report clearly shows that who Private Schools charging very high fees from the parents and take donations to admission the students. So now the onward private school has limited power to administered the fees and give clear the manifesto about their all curriculum activities.

There are 4 types of schools in Delhi

1:- Government schools which are aided by the government and managed by the government on day to day basis

2:- Private schools with huge fees but good accommodation, good facilities for sports, good library and extra curriculum activities have successfully running in Delhi.

3:- MCD schools which are aided by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi. MCD have almost 500 schools in Delhi along with NCR.

4:- The Charitable schools or we can say these are the school which are running through the donation by the peoples. So this article explain to you how Delhi is a union territory it affects the education system of Delhi

So if you are talking about the education system of Delhi we have not to forget that Kerala has the highest literacy rate in all over India. Most of the Northeast state has also the highest literacy rate among all the Indian other states. so it shows that the northern Indian state has reached how much in the education sector or you can say Delhi have to learn how the Kerala education system is running. So in Delhi, many of the schools are in the top listed like Delhi PublicSchool, Jaipuria Public School, Saint Xavier etc. In Delhi, the education system is also running not in the school but also in the coaching centres.  Most of the school teachers are teaching in the coaching centres to earn extra income or we can say most of the teachers are giving teaching in their own house to earn extra income from the Parents.

Coaching Centers in Delhi 

The coaching Centers in Delhi earn a huge income from teaching students. In Delhi. the parents are not much serious about the children Education and not even try t asked children about their study or homework. Even parents are not taking bothering of homework of their children so they arranged coaching classes for the homework or study  for example in kg standard children’s are also going tuition classes because their parents are not giving them time or in another prospect  they are not fully educated  to teach their children but in most of the cases the parents are not taking bothered about the school. So they provide them with the best coaching classes.

In Delhi there are almost 2000 schools running still Delhi have not as much as good education system which they deserve. There are so many private schools who charge high fees and give high tech classes for students, extra curriculum activities so most of the parents at their dreams that their students will study in the schools like Delhi Public School, Jaipuria Public School, Apex Public School, Xavier Public School etc. In the last few years, we can see that under Delhi government the schools are also doing well in the 10th and the 12th board exam. Now the Delhi government and CBSE decided that they have not given the marks as compared onwards now they started grade system in 10thand 12th board exam.  Till 9th standard the student will fail because the students will take them as bother and they do suicide they cannot handle the pressure of the exam so the Delhi government has decided that student should not be failed till the 10th standard and this is the fantastic decision taken by the Delhi government because in India the student suicide rate is among higher than the other countries as compared to China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal & Afghanistan.

In Delhi the government also focus more on the girl education like national policy Beti Bachao Beti Padhao this is the motto of the state to educate each and every girl Delhi. So Delhi government budget affect all the education system so Delhi is a union territory it affects the education system of Delhi

As compared to other Nations Canada is considered as the highest literacy rate in the world led by France and Germany.

In Delhi, there are many points which have to be improved by the Delhi government in their education system.

1:- Build more classroom and fix broken furniture and provide food accommodation, conduct classes out in the open of what more space like classroom furniture even the teachers teach the class on them in the ground there the during no benches no windows no friends dirty washrooms or non functional toilets so the government has to fix these essential so that the student and the teachers are comfortable during the during the day of their journey in the school.

2:- Thing improve the ratio of the teacher in the school on the paper the Delhi government has 40students on per teachers but on the ground there is no balance in the in teacher education for example in Sangam Vihar there are MCD schools which the students have almost 128 students in one section in class 10th for one teacher. Delhi Government Filled teacher vacancy fast. There are almost thousands of the vacancies of teachers are vacant. Delhi government has to be provided good books and the materials library and filled vacancies as much as possible.

3:- MCD  Schools has no nursery so the students directly join class first.

4:-  Increases the gap between the parents in the teachers. These gaps must be reduced because it helps the student to get good academic score the gap between the students the teachers and the parents must be removed by the parents teacher meeting or a get together with the students & teachers and the parents will be familiar from each other and the student can do better in the classroom and examination course.

Delhi is a union territory it affects the education system of Delhi ( The answer is Yes) 

As we know  Delhi is considered as a union territory( not a state like U.P, Bihar, maharashtra, Gujrat, M.P etc)  so it will affect the education budget of Delhi or not my answer is yes it will definitely affect the education budget of Delhi because it will pass by the central government presently in Centre BJP government is ruling and in Delhi the Aam Aadmi Party ruling. It will be difficult to coordinate between these two government because every Bill is passed by theLieutenant Governor for example Manish Sisodia is the education minister of Delhi represent the budget of education to the Lieutenant Governor and suggested him some policies about the school colleges  institutions  etc it cannot be implemented without the approval of the Lieutenant Governor and we have to understand that the lieutenant governor is appointed by the central government indirectly is a central government is ruling in the union territories it will affect all the budget of the union territory government.

So these are some important points which I’m going to share with you in this article I hope do you like this article if you like the article please share and subscribe.


Delhi is a union territory it affects the education system of Delhi
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Delhi is a union territory it affects the education system of Delhi
In this Article, I am going to explain how Delhi is a union territory it affects the education system of Delhi. Delhi is not a state.
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