Pros and Cons of working while studying

Pros and Cons of working while studying

This is very old concept in the western countries but in Asian countries its new. Now a days working while studying define two things.1:-  Some students working for there pure passion. 2:- Others its the only way to survive. This concept is basically for students who want to study abroad. It is possible to contribute some amount of money for tuition fees.

What are the Pros and Cons of working while studying

Pros / Advantages

1:- Earning of extra money:- It will helps to clear your loan debt of study. Oxford group studies says many of the parents are not affords there daily expenses and tuition fees. So this type of extra income helps students to purchased necessary items.

2:- Advantage of getting working experience:- working while studying give a student a brief idea of professional market. It clear many of the doubts of the students. The students make connection while working. It will helps when they passed out from the college. It will helps to increase your professional development.

3:- Better time management:- This will helps students to manage proper time for there study and work. Time management give you a practical experience of managing your time in effective ways.

4:- Increase weight age of your Resume:- This experience add special skills and practical experience in working condition. It means you stand among all the students who are fresher. It increase your selection chances in placement.

5:- Know about the world:- Working while studying increase your confidence. It enhance your personal skills like communication, behaviors etc. While working you know what are the need of the market. Follow this LINK to more about the work and study in Canada.

Cons / Disadvantages

1:- Divert from Study:- Your first priority is to score a good marks in college and involve in all college activities. Job no doubts distract your mind from study. So you need a proper planning to work and study at a same time. if you haven’t score good marks definitely you feels regret in future.

2:- Increase Stress:- working no doubts increase your stress which affect your study. Study as well as Working both needs your attention which also increase  your anxiety. If you work regular bases you have to manage your stress that will not affect your study or work.

3:- Less time for Social and College activities:- Many of the  students feels tired while working. This is the time students decide whether they should continue the job or not. The first priority of students is to perform good in academic. Less time reduced there social networking and personal life enjoyment time.

4:- Try similar job compatible to study:- Many of the student working in the different field. This is slightly different what they studies in college. In the last there experience is not countable while they giving any personal interview. They earn only money but not receive a relevant experience which helps in future.


Pros and Cons of working while studying
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Pros and Cons of working while studying
In this Article i am going to explain Pros and Cons of working while studying

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