Best Country to Study Abroad for Indian Students

Best Country to Study Abroad for Indian Students

Best Country to Study Abroad for Indian Students

Alright, sir/mam today I am going to give you list of Best Country to Study Abroad for Indian Students. These developing countries offering best courses to the Indian students who wanted to pursue their Masters.

Most of the Indian parents think that there are only a few countries in the world developing countries high-quality education like the USA, Canada, Germany but today I am who wanted article explaining to you what are the best options for the Indian students to study abroad like the United Kingdom, New Zealand, China, Singapore, Ireland, Australia. These are the Best Country to Study Abroad for Indian Students who are also providing the high quality of education and also provided work experience after the study.

So first I am going to explain the world Best Country to Study Abroad for Indian Students. Such as USA, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, China, Singapore, Ireland. Each country has their own education patterns. The international students follow these patterns to get the admission in their own universities. It depends on the students which course they wanted to pursue like Masters. Some other courses are Engineering, banking, International relations, computer science, mechanical. It depends on the student’s perception and after that the students will put the application of the particular University on that country.

1) Norway


In the list number one in Norway, it is just because the Nordic countries have a relatively affordable studies destination. Norway is remained free for everyone both within and outside the European Union. It depends on course to course. Nordic countries are also mentioned in the news for their higher quality of education and Standard of life. The beautiful locations which are best in the student life. Another reason to choose Norway just because of the availability of English through the program at all the Courses level. The local peoples preferred to speak in English. Norway provide high quality of education but it has also  high living cost. So you will almost need an around 139680 approx US $ 17200 per year. 

2) Taiwan


The country also known as cheapest country. Today Indian students who wanted to study abroad. There are many of the university but if we talked about the best there are first name coming to National Taiwan University. This University ranks best among the world universities. It is tempted to the tuition fee for the courses is approx TW $ 1 lakh 100 920 approx 3300 US $ per year. The country of approx more than 150 courses in English at approx 50 universities in the country.

Taiwan is deadly growing their economy and infrastructure. So this is the best opportunity for the student to go there is study there and set up there. The country has low living cost according to compare to the other nation like Germany or Canada.

3) Germany


Germany is also known as the land of the ideas. The one most popular scientist JohnWilson said the best ideas always come from this country. The another name of Germany is Education hub for the international students. Country provided high quality of education.  This great nation  provided free of cost education it means no tuition fees for international students. It provided the 80 hours for working for the international students who wanted to earn some extra income for their expenses. Country has leaving expenses 10200 pounds approx 11950 US $ per year. It depends on the location and the study courses which you are you going you apply and the lifestyle of the student’s habits acceptor. This nation is among Top Country for Indian Students to settled and work there.

4) France


France the second most popular destination for the Indian students. It is because they provided 2 Year work experience after the completion of the course. Recently IndianPrime Minister Mr.Modi visit France and signed an agreement. Earlier the Indian students get the one-year work permit in the country now it will increase from 1 to 2 years for Indian students. They also provided extra working hours for international students who wanted to earn some money to fulfil their living expenses. The Paris was named the world number 1 StudentCity for a 3 time in a row and currently stands 5th.

5) U.S.A (Best Country to Study Abroad for Indian Students)


The USA has always been one of the main countries for the Indian student to pursue their Masters Overseas study destinations for all over the world. The country holds a multi-talented university which at stand top in the world like Cambridge University. Presently the United States of America has over 40 lakhs students within its border including India. The country lies South Korea, China, Russia also prefers to study in the United States of America because of the living standard of living and their quality of education are very high. 

The USA has some biggest institution in the world like Howard, MIT, and Stanford which are standing top in the list. The United States has hold approx more than 400 universities. The Standard of education in the United States has little surprise all over the world because most of the students prefer the United States of America. Recently the survey shows that approx more than 2lakh Indian students pursuing educational courses in the USA at the moment. The courses which are famous in the USA are Business Management, Computer Science, Engineering, life science, Social science.

6) The United Kingdom

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is also the favorite destination for Indian students who want their higher study overseas. The country holds the oldest Universities and most popular universities in the world like Cambridge and Oxford.  The country provided a wide range of courses like undergraduate, postgraduate, PhD,doctorate-level, Engineering, Management. At present the U.K as approx 7 lakhs students and almost 50,000 of them are Indians. So question is that why students prefer U.k it is just because of the scholarship offered by the universities of the United Kingdom best in the World. The country also offered free adult Education programs for the students. The students want to pursue a full-time study in the United Kingdom and provided fulfil tuition fees of the students for whole the course and their living expenses.

7) Australia


Australia is also the most preferred education destination for overseas students after the USA and the UK. As per the several Education systems, Australia comes down under the very strong reputation around the world. Many of the countries universities are open their branches in this country just because of their good reputation of the education. The country has almost 15,000 Institutions for higher education. The country also holds approx 25000 for the students who recently study in the country. The best courses offered in Business Management, Mathematics, Computer science, Social science, Engineering and Health Corporation. Most of the Indian MBBS doctors apply for Australian Universities just because of the high quality of education in the health sector.

8) New Zealand

New Zealand

New Zealand is also one of the best destination our emerging destination for the Students who wanted to make their career in the hotel management. Recently they has record of 400 per cent increase over the past 5 years. These are the Best Country to Study Abroad for Indian Student. Massey University in the country has ranked among the top 500 universities in the world. So the students who wanted to wish to make their career in Hotel Management prefer this nation. The Institution of polytechnics and Technology are also famous in the country. The country has established a private training institute that provides vocational skill training. It has approx the same foreign student destinations around 25000.

9) Canada


Canada is the destination which is the 1st priority by the Indian students.  The country has its spread their good culture throughout the world which increased the number of overseas students. They offered a different type of Educational courses such as Business Management, Hotel Management, Engineering, Animation, LiberalArts. The country holds 50000 Indian students who are presently studying in Canada in different courses all over the country. The country has welcomed the International students to provide the quality of education and also known for the world has a well-educated country in the world.

10) China


China has also become the biggest destination for international students nowadays. The country best courses in the field of medical practice. The country holds the best medical college’s institutions in the world. It approx 10,000 Indian students already work in studying in the medical field. The country holds approx 50 colleges across the country that provides the medical education in the country.

China is the best option at the cost of education is relatively affordable. International programs provided in English itself because most of the courses in the country are in the Chinese language. So it is difficult for foreign students to first study Chinese then understand the course. They welcome students from all corner of the world. One of the key factors leading to growth in the term to attract international students. The fact that of medical colleges in the country who do not need any entrance exam such as cat and AIPMT in India. 

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Best Country to Study Abroad for Indian Students
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Best Country to Study Abroad for Indian Students
Best Country to Study Abroad for Indian Students. Here is a list of Best Country to Study Abroad for Indian Students now select the best country.
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