About Us

BeingEducate is the search engine for the students, teachers, parents and all education industry players who are seeking for the information related to the education sector in India as well as Abroad. This is the platform where all the details are explaining briefly such as College, Universities, Schools and Article related to Education which helps the students as well as parents.

Founded in 2018 by Varun Pratap Singh, BeingEducate consists of a team of 10+ with an average age of 25 years. Varun, A 2014 MBA (Marketing) Graduate, initially startup was in real estate—keyowner.com. While they achieved success by helping build 3.15 Digital, The startup didn’t work out in the long run and the founders parted away.

Varun then noticed that there need a website in the education sector which give quality information for pre-admission students that sought by college admission in the pre-admission sessions. So, long with his team, he pivoted on their existing model and worked on lead generation for educational institute and launched BeingEducate.

The official BeingEducate is a professional learning community for educators to come together to share, learn and inspire one another. This website will host events, share resources and engage the educational community in global conversation.